Tuesday, August 24, 2010


4 cups Badam
5 cups Sugar
3 drops Kesar yellow Colour
2 cups Ghee
2 cups Milk

First put the Badam in hot water for 2 hours or in normal water for 8 hours. Then remove the outer skin of Badam and grind it in a mixe to a paste with adding milk. Keep it aside. Take heavy bottom (copper bottom) vessel and make sugar syrup in one string consistency. Now add the badam paste in the sugar syrup mix it continuously in the low flame and cook till it thickens. Now add the kesar color. Then add ghee little by little stirring continuously on low heat. When the halwa leaves the sides, add the remaining ghee and remove it from fire. Your delicious Badam Halwa is ready.

Wonderful holidays

Holidays in Turkey
Hi friends, practicing a normal way of routine life may some times require a change. It means the family must find some time off and concentrate in organizing some tours and travel. The cooptravel.co.uk is organizing many such package tours. Especially the Holidays in Turkey are real treat to the tourists. Turkey city shopping extravagance will attract many and will demand for buying variety articles. There will be different shopping spots that are suitable to the various tastes of the tourists.

The classifications are beautiful landscapes, Sun worshipping, shopping malls, history or archeology related places and so on. In Istanbul, everybody is pleased to witness the excellent domed tower that was constructed with outstanding architecture. For tourists selecting the fully inclusive holidays is a better option as the sundry expenses like snacks, ice creams are entirely saved. In addition there are few more holiday packages available in site like clubbing holidays, luxury holidays, tailor made packages, etc. You can save 5% of your travel expenses, when you book your travel through online.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Onam festival

Onam Festival and Kolam

In India, Keralites celebrate Onam festival. It is one of the ancient festivals celebrated in the modern times. This is Kerala’s harvest festival. This year Onam festival will be celebrated on 23rd August, 2010. Chingam is the first month of Malayala calendar and Malayalees celebrate it as the annual visit of their King Mahabali. They celebrate it for ten days.

During Onam celebration, they decorate their houses with flowers, flower kolam is very beautiful. They prepare nine course meals with 13 dishes which are called as Onasadya and they serve it on banana leaves. During this time, boat races are the common sight. The famous Snake Boat Race will be held on the Pampa river. For Onam festival, people wear new clothes. Ladies wear gold bordered sari called Nariathu.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Business Signs to promote your product

Visual Graphics are widely used nowadays in various fields since the world of computing and the advent of technology has reached unimaginable heights. Signage can be called as a visual graphics created in order to display information for a particular type of audience. These are mostly used to advertise a product and it can be found everywhere right from streets and even on buildings. The main aim is to reach a particular type of audience and henceforth they can be seen everywhere. In other words it is one of the most effective ways by which you can promote your product.

Business Signs provide creative ways to promote your product. Signazon site offers reusable advertising concept and this concept is very catchy and is becoming increasingly popular. They do shipping within one or two days. The signs can also be selected for long-term basis. The customer can select the templates available at their site and select the best one that will fit their bill. They also provide free shipping for any order more than 75 dollars.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Apples 5 Big in size
Milk 2 litres
Sugar 8 tablespoon
Greeen Cardamom 1 teaspoon
Almonds sliced 15
Pistachios sliced 15

Take a copper bottom vessel and pour the milk and bring it to boil. Stir it continuously and bring it to half of the quantity. Then add sugar and cook for five minutes. Peel and grate three apples and add it to milk and cook for five minutes. Remove from heat. Then add cardamom powder first then add almonds and pistachios. Now slice the two apples and arrange it in a serving dish and pour in to a serving dish. Serve it hot or cold.

Tips to get a used car

Hi friends most of us would be interested to get a luxury car to make ourselves comfortable. Well the reality is that, not always we can afford to get the car we are looking for. This is quite common in everyone’s life and to overcome this why not get a used car. People are generally very hesitant to go for a used car since they don’t know what all the things that need to be checked when we are going to get a used vehicle.

Relax I am here to give you the complete list which will enable you to purchase a used vehicle without wasting your hard earned money. The first and foremost thing is to check the vehicle history to get a complete picture about the vehicle. The vehicle history will give you the exact picture about the odometer reading and whether the vehicle has been reported with any accidents. This happens to be the most valuable tool to know the value of the car that your have been looking for. The next thing to be done is look for South Dakota auto classifieds wherein you can get free down-loadable checklist using which you can check the utilities of the car. Never get a vehicle without test driving one. The more time you invest before purchasing your vehicle the more money you will save.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Actress Shirya new stills

Actress Shirya new stills
Actress Shirya Saran new stills
Shriya stills
Shreya Saran new photos

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 news

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 Dome
The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is held at China between 1st May 2010 and 31st October 2010. In this Expo, more than 200 countries are participating. The main theme of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is Better City, Better Life – that is to achieve better living condition for urban people where World’s half of the population is living. The other themes of the Expo are 1) Merging the various cultures in the city, 2) Economic prosperity, 3) Science and Technology Innovations, 4) Remodeling the communities 5) Interactions between rural and urban areas. It is expected that more that 70 million people will see the exhibition.
The Shanghai World Expo 2010
India’s Pavilion is superb and the Tree of Life carved in the dome is like “Siddi Syed Mosque” at Ahmedabad. The Crimson Central Dome of India in the Shanghai World Expo 2010 symbolizes “Unity in Diversity”. The displays in and around the dome are clearly elaborating India’s history from Mohanjadaro Harappa period to modern times.

Doing business by tactful methods

Starting a business requires a lot of patience and money involvement and also one must be prepared for crisis situation. When there is a recession he must be bold enough to acquire business and handling in such conditions it won’t be so smooth. In order to solve certain trade issues, you can consult the March Group who deals in merger and acquisition firms. They are operating as a global investment banking group familiarizing in M&A. They are having offices throughout North America and also having twenty three years of field work experience.

The March Group adviser Arthur Ward has been capturing 30 years of business techniques and always invites risks in business and challenges. During his tenure as entrepreneur, he handled and sold six medium sized companies and also took part over 2000 transactions. He also sounded strong support for middle market business due to economy strength, Labor market, culture; growth opportunities are vastly available in USA. The above site is helping the investors to take up the correct middle market areas and concentrate upon them and they provide financial support to the customers either in Europe or US. So it will be a very encouraging news for those venturing for middle market business can very well approach the above March Group for getting a appropriate guidance.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Important Health Tips

Answering mobile phone
1. Talk in the mobile phone, placing it in the left ear
2. Don’t drink more coffee
3. Don’t take medicines / tablets / pills in cold water
4. Reduce the intake of oil / fried foods
5. Eat like a beggar at night.
6. Drink minimum 5 liters of water in the day time and less water at night.
7. Use your headphones and ear phones short time only
8. Go to bed early by 10 p.m and wake up before sun rise.
9. Don’t go to bed immediately after taking medicine.
10. When your mobile phone’s battery is low, don’t answer the phones before charging.

Buying Hospital Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets are as important as comfortable beds. The beds should be well covered with proper bed sheets in order to keep the bed as clean as possible. In fact the hospitals need many number of bed sheets and more over the quality of them is also important. Considering allocation of funds in big hospitals to various departments will be always under scrutiny owing to cost analysis. Taking in to account of all the procedures there won’t be any wrong doing if the authorities decide for discount hospital bed sheets. Make sure the order for hospital bed sheets must be for huge volume so that there will be definitely getting these products at discount rates. Hospitals require linens in large quantity as they are to be used on patient’s bed and they must be properly cleaned. As these linens clothes are to be properly washed, most of the hospitals go for cleaning methods by outsourcing. The permanent stock of such linens must be properly sterilized so that infection is avoided. So getting all above hospital bed sheets, linens, bed spreads you must look forward to a competitive supplier.

Recipe Vegetable Rice

Recipe Vegetable Rice
4 cups Water
2 cups Basmati Rice
4 tbsp Peanut Oil
2 small Onion, chopped
2 tsp Garlic and ginger, smashed
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 cup Peas,
1 cup beans and carrots in small pieces
4 tbsp butter

First heat peanut oil in a fry pan medium flame and add onions, garlic ginger paste and red chili powder and cook it for about 5 minutes. Now add vegetables and fry it for few minutes. Now add water and salt. When water comes to boiling stages, add rice and add butter. Cover it and allow it to cook for 10 minutes in low flame. You can decorate it with cashew nuts or spring onions and soya sauce. Serve hot with Kuruma or Raitha.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fantastic Incense Products

Incense products are a regular phenomenon needed by many houses as the penetrating smell gives a clean and calm atmosphere to the entire living area. The residents wanting to know about the various such products have to browse through online and surely they will find the topk2 goods. Having bought the K2 packs, the buyer can feel the freshness and rightly one must experience to rely upon. There is an extent of a view amongst the users of excellent K2 smoke that the smell is having so instigating effect and even aids to normal eating and sleeping patterns.

Customers are for sure guarantee of their money if by any option find the package with inferior quality. The products are also transported through shipping. For those who require different aroma, the K2 Summit will be nicely fulfilling where you can feel the fresh air filled up with powerful soothing smell so pleasingly. This K2 Summit deals with the incense of bay bean, rose, etc. If you buy K2 Blue, it will be providing herbal blended ingredients combined with blue berry base. The other type K2 Blonde is available to the customer that pierces the air with vanilla and nut-meg smell and people can try this as first users. The other product K2 Pink will smell like strawberry blend. All the above products are offered at discount prices. The K2 blonde 3g pack is sold at $24.99 from its standard cost of $39.95 and K2 blue is available for $29.99 instead of $49.95.

Hotels in San Francisco

Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco
The hotel Maxwell is a handsome and stylish hotel which is a block from Union Square. Rooms have a clubby, retro feel with classic Edward Hopper prints on the walls. There more than 150 rooms and a restaurant and health club also available.

Sir Francis Drake Hotel: A Beefeater costumed doorman welcomes you in to the regal lobby of this 1928 property. The guest rooms look neoclassical with boldly striped fabrics and mahogany and cherry wood furniture. On the top floor, Harry Denton’s Starlight Room is one of the city’s plushest skyline bars.

Clarion Bedford Hotel: Pass under Art Nouveau arches to enter the bright lobby of this handsome 1929 building. Most of the light and airy rooms with white furniture and canopied beds have gorgeous bay and city views. Frequent package deals make this hotel always a good buy, an even better bargain.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Refreshing internet games

The craze will never end for viewing various sports and games that are shown through Satellite channels but slowly there is also showing interest for online games of late is increasing. Of the many online games Las Vegas Casino is one such playing option for any player. From this USA online casino center, all USA players are accepted and from 1999 it has been providing the best gaming varieties with much credibility. Especially for women players, they will get an additional 50% for the first time entrant and the bonus will go up to $200. The way of currencies used are USD, British Pounds Sterling, Euros and the deposits can be made through Visa, My Citadel, Master card, Money Bookers, Credit Card, etc. The Play Tech software is being in vogue and Costa Rica is the license jurisdiction of the above site.

Shriya Stills / new film in Telugu

Shreya Saran in Don Seenu film stills
Shriya Saran in Don Seenu film stills
Shreya Saran hot stills
Shriya is acting in a Telugu film Don Seenu. After a long gap of 5 years, she is acting in Telugu film. Her last Telugu film was Bhagheeradha. The hero of both the films are Ravi Teja. The film is directed by Gopichand Malineni. The music director of the film is Mani Sharma. This is love based family entertainer film with ususal masala. The film is released on August 5th. Shriya did a dance item in Komaram Puli film.

Online gaming patterns

Nowadays there seem to be more players venturing into online games and these players becoming efficient and winning more money over a period of time. Out of so many Gambling sites, the All Star Slots is an exciting playing option to many players. The above online slots are accompanied by real time gaming software for video and traditional games. The customer will be getting round the clock guidance and a special team is working for the very purpose and the player is assured of the site’s reliability. All USA players welcome and there will be 100% bonus up to $300 for the new sign up. On wagering on a permitted game the player will be added up All Star points which can be claimed as real money that will be added to the player’s account.

Rajini’s Endhiran release date

Rajini and Aishwarya in Endhiran
Sun Pictures Rs.200 crore project “Endhiran” movie release date will be September 24th. This movie is Director Shankar’s Science fiction and his dream project. Superstar RajiniKanth is the hero and Ulaga Alagzhi Aishwarya Rai Bachan is the heroine. Oscar winner A.R. Rahman is the music director of the movie. Last week the music release function held at Malaysia in grand manner. The C.D. sales of Endhiran movie is creating a record. All songs in the movie are superb.

Another Oscar winner – sound engineer Resul Pookuty and Kunal Rajan a sound engineer (who won the Streamy Award for his sound designing for the movie Fear Clinic) incorporated new ideas in sound designing for the movie “Endhiran”. All are eagerly waiting for the release of the mega budget movie Endhiran’s release.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playing Internet Sports

Interestingly the people from all age group wanting to try and play the online games as they consider the internet is very purposeful and time passing. Of the many such playing centers Go casino is so beneficial to the players. In this USA casino the first time entrant will receive welcome bonuses which are rarely seen. About USD 20,000 can be at stake for the first twenty deposits made by any player. The variety games such as Roulette, Video Poker, and Black Jack and so on are available for the players of All American States without any restriction. Apart from the above games there are also slot games to choose from.

Ajith’s Golden Jubilee film – Mangatha

Ajith in Mangatha
Ajith’s golden jubilee film “Mangatha” pooja has been held in Chennai. All Ajith’s fans are eagerly waiting for their “Thala” 50th film announcement. Finally Director Venkat Prabhu got this offer. In this film Nagarjuna is going to do an important role. The heroine of the film has not yet been decided.

The film Mangatha is produced by Central Minister Alagiri’s son DayanidhiAlagiri in the banner Cloud Nine. Yuvan Sankar Raja is the music Director of the film. The film Mangatha is fun filled action movie like Venkat Prabhu’s earlier super hit film “Saroja”. Ajith is going to do the role of Lucky Bloke and Manoj Manchu the son of Telugu actor Mohan Babu will also act in the film.

Caring for health

The medical facilities and its growth are very well occupying the global market and thus helping many persons who require such facilities. Not really relying on medicines and drugs alone one must be resilient through keeping good healthy condition. The extreme body workouts are planning out various health package programmes that are very well followed by many customers. Some of them are Tony Horton’s ten minute trainer, P90X Extreme Home Fitness, Slim your body in six weeks and so on.

The extreme workouts offered by P90X special package, the customer is offered with following Chin up bar, three resistant bands and the recovery procedures. You can also save $30 on purchase of the above package. In this training session you are taught with twelve extreme workouts, a DVD, the fitness guide, the three phase nutrition plan and a workout chart. The workout system of P90X will consist about eating procedures based on the individual weight and the requirements of calories. It will guide the customer on type of foods to take in a detailed manner starting from breakfast, snacks, lunch and up to dinner.

On analyzing the turbo jam workout the process is a way of exercise with fun filling using a new turbo ball. By using the ball, you are sure to get the healthy body which works on your core muscles and strengthen it. The fast and quick actions of your movements will enhance your body fitness with a fine shape.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Breadcrumb Halwa Recipe

Breadcrumb Halwa Recipe

Breadcrumb 200 grams
Ghee 200 grams
Sugar 200 grams
Water 400 ml
Raisins, almonds and cashew nuts each 30 grams

In this post I will give you the recipe for Breadcrumb Halwa. Take a nonstick pan and add ghee then fry the breadcrumbs in medium flame. When the breadcrumbs are in golden brown color, add the nuts and raisins in low flame. Keep it aside. Prepare sugar syrup then add it in the fried breadcrumbs and continue stirring in medium flame to avoid lumps. All the sugar syrup is absorbed in the breadcrumb, the halwa begins separating from ghee in the nonstick pan. Now remove it from the flame and place it in a serving plate and serve hot.

The weather pattern of Brisbane

Brisbane is thickly populated city in Australia and it is situated in the south eastern side of Queensland. The city is mostly covered with hilly region and the central business districts are somewhat elevated by the mountain range of Herbert Taylor range. The weather condition of Brisbane is generally humid in summer and cool with nice breeze in winter and during the months from November to March there will be thunder storms may occur.

The Austar Network in January 1999 had launched a weather channel and starting the coverage in 2002 elaborately with FOXTEL Network jointly. Updated climatic condition throughout Australia is being telecast by the above weather channel for the benefit of the viewers. The entire range of weather reports are provided by a team of experts that include Richard, Lee Brooks, Jash Holt, etc. The city brisbane weather forecast will have temperate of 25 degree which is the average high and the average low will be at 15.5 degree. Anybody wants to get detail about the weather pattern of Brisbane for the next ten days it will be clearly highlighted through the weather channel.

The different climatic aspects regarding Sun rise, Sun set, rain forecast, storm details are exclusively available to those subscribers on the above weather channel. To enquire further about weather patterns the viewer can also contact the site over the phone or through the contact form provided in the site. The Austar Network through internet system is extending these services to the public along with Foxtel on weather news. The service has been considered as a global importance on the effects of environment study.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Endhiran Aishwarya Stills / Photos

<br />Ash in Endhiran audio release function still
Ash in Endhiran
Endhiran Aishwarya Photos
Endhiran Aishwarya Stills
Endhiran stills

Last Saturday,(31.7.2010, Endhiran audio CD release function held at Malaysia. All the film personalities involved in the film "Endhiran" participated in the function. When Aishwarya appeared on the stage, the Malaysian fans thrilled and chanted her name. She was excited to see this. Aishwarya, the former Miss World looked gorgeous on stage.

The audio release function programme will be telecast in Sun T.V. on 7.10.2010 and 8.10.2010 evening 6 P.M. The major highlight of the programs are Superstar Rajini's speech, Vadivel and Vivek comedy,actor Silambarasan's dance performance, etc. Let us see and the enjoy the programme.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hunting in Mississippi

Hunting is a hobby to many persons and they practice it regularly. Greg Hackney and his son Drew are quite expert in catching and killing many number of deers and like to show their table class. In North America the usual six year old white tail is considered very special for its horn. Actually people who have more knowledge about the process of racked bucks will yield to the hunt Mississippi being conducted continuously in Mississippi wild life range. The US Forest Service Biologist view about the deer getting older and their horns will grow like a branch of a tree. So they instruct the hunters to target the older ones leaving the racked ones behind.

In a sense the hunters allow younger bucks to walk through and kill the older ones because the habitat cannot hold good of the grown up ones. So the fact, the Mississippi managers are making sure the deers are kept in less numbers scattering around within the capacity. So at the available resources the deer is nourished well or in other words the capacity when exceeded to the stipulated numbers the other ones will suffer.