Saturday, October 31, 2009

Asin's London Dreams news

Asin London Dreams still

Asin’s Bollywood second film “London Dreams” released on 30th October. Earlier news came that the film is well received by audience. In this movie Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan are heroes. This is musical love story and all songs in the film are super hit.

Salman Khan eagerly waiting for the result of the movie “London Dreams”. His Mein aur Mrs.Khanna is not a hit movie as his earlier “Wanted”. Salman’s role in this different film is a different one. In this film the role of Asin is a South India girl.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recipe Ukkarai

1 cup tur dal
2 ½ cups jaggery (powdered)
½ cup sesame oil
½ cup ghee
10 cashew nuts (roasted)

Clean, wash and pressure cook tur dal till very soft. Mix together cooked dall, jaggery, oil and ghee in a heavy pan. Cook on a low fire, stirring continuously till mixture becomes thick and very dry. Add cardamom, cashew nuts, mix well and serve.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Varkala Beach in Kerala

Varkala Beach in Kerala

Varkala: Varkala is a well-known sea-side resort and pilgrim center, about 48 kms. near Trivandrum. The ancient temple of Janardana is a very old temple and there is a message in the temple that in A.D. 1252 it was renovated.

This is one of most wonderful beaches in India. In the High cliffs springs of Mineral water gushing out are famous. If Persons having skin diseases take regular bath in these springs the skin diseases are cured. The other name for this beach is Papanasam.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recipe Rava Kesari

Recipe Rava Kesari

1 cups rava
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 tsp yellow color (mixed in 1 tbsp water)
¾ cup ghee
10 cashew nuts and 10 pista
20 raisins
10 pods cardmom (powdered)
Heat 4 tablespoons of ghee in a pan and fry cashew nuts and raisins till golden and drain. In the same ghee, fry rava till light pink in coloring. Add 2 cups of boiling water (to which the coloring has been added) and cook till done. Add sugar and rest of the ghee and cook on a low fire, stirring continuously so that no lumps form. When dry, add ground cardamoms, cashew nuts, pista and raisings. Mix well and serve.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

T.V. fame Aarthi and Ganesh reception news / stills

Aarthi Ganesh reception
Aarthi Ganesh reception

On Friday, (23.10.2009) T.V. fame Aarthi & Ganesh marriage took place at Gurvayur temple. Only close friends and close relatives attended the function at Guruvayur. Ganesh and Aarthi participated many programmes in T.V. Shows.

On Sunday (25.10.2009), the wedding reception was held at Chennai. Many famous film personalities, Producers, Directors and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Dy. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Central Minister A.Raja attended the reception and greeted them.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shilpa Shetty fiance engagement stills

Shilpa Shetty fiance engagement stills

Recently (24.10.09) Raj Kundra and Bollywood heroine Shilpa Shetty’s engagement ceremony held at Mumbai. Sources said that the marriage will be in the year end. She is a very beautiful lady. Let us wish her all success in her life.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Preparation of tastey Vella Dosai

2 cups rice (washed,cleaned & soaked for 4 hours)
1 cup jaggery (powdered)
1 cup jack fruit segments (chopped fine)
6 pods cardmom (powdered)

Drain rice and grind along with jaggery to a fine paste and add jack fruit segments and cardamom to the batter and mix well.

Heat a the tawa then spread a ladle full of batter evenly on the tawa. Pour ghee around it. When it is cooked, turn over and cook it again. Serve hot with pure ghee.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Recipe - Laddu

Recipe - Laddu

2 cups besan
2 cup sugar
½ kg ghee
1 tbsp rice flour
12 cashew nuts (broken and deep fried)
20 raisins (deep fried)
15 pods cardamom
Orange coloring
Make a syrup of two thread consistency. Add coloring to it and set aside. Mix besan and rice flour with enough water to make a batter of pouring consistency. Using a sieve put the batter drops into the hot ghee. fry at medium flame and transfer directly into the syrup. Add cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom powder and mix well. Set aside for some time and then make laddus.

Enjoy your free time

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Mysore Pak preparation

1 cup besan
2 ¼ cups sugar
1 ½ cups ghee (melted)
1 ½ cups water

Mix besan and melted ghee and set aside. Mix sugar and water in a heavy bottomed pan. Prepare a syrup of two thread consistency and pure in besan mixture, stirring continuously. Cook till the mixture leaves sides of the pan. pour on a greased thali. After few minutes, cut into desired shapes. When cool, remove from thali and store.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PDF Creator Software

The knows the customer needs and they create user friendly products. They have a user friendly software which can be used to create a pdf file in less than 5 minutes. The word to pdf is the best functionality that is available in the software since pdfs can be used to open, view or print files in any Operating system platform. The software also helps us to keep our data secured by specifying passwords to our documents so that we are able to maintain our privacy. This pdf software is mainly for Windows XP/Vista users and you can download the software by giving their Email address and Country.

This software can be used as a pdf creator to create documents and this is the best way to exchange information among users. The other major functionality of this software is you can extract and split pages from the PDF. We have the option also to change the pdf files to word documents.

This software is very useful since it provides some other functionality to like combining different pdf files to one pdf and the most important one is it is platform independent. I would suggest you all to download this software and use it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy birthday Amitab Bachan

Happy birthday Amitab Bachan

Amitab Bachan the Big B turned 67 today after celebrating his birthday with his fans. Amitab was taken aback to see to many fans in front of his house and he personally met some to get the gifts that they had brought.Amitab was moved by his fans and cut kcake and enjoyed his birthday with them.

Madhu Matena and Sheetal Talwar the producers of his upcoming film were so humble that thy hosted a surprise party for Big B with his fans and Amitab Bachan after the party told that he thoroughly enjoyed the party.

Soccer Mania

Hi friends this post is for the people who are big time fans of football and who would love to watch each and every game. This is high time and the soccer mania has started and so guys get set to watch all the matches. Don’t miss any of the action associated with this game. So for this to happen you need up to date news about the game and this site has the complete football fixtures which includes the number of betting markets available on each game. Well now for all the Football fans I have something special that you will love to know and will cheer it. Now you have got an opportunity to not only to enjoy the game but also pick the best odds for each match and bet for your favorite team.

The livescore feature keeps us updated on the game status . The bookmakers like Paddy Power are very famous and they offer money back offer. No more hesitation you can create a new account and start your betting based on match odds.All the best!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Asin's birthday Octobor 26 : Surprise gift ?

Asin who is celebrating her birthday on 26th of this month is very excited about her up coming movie London Dreams. The movie London Dreams is expected to release on October 30th four days after Asin's birthday and hence forth Asin expects the film to make a grand opening and so she would take that as a birthday gift.

The film London Dreams has Salman Khan and Asin in the lead roles. Ajay Devagan dons a very important role in the movie and this movie is expected to be a big hit of this year.Asin made a dream start in Bollywood with her first movie with none other than Aaamir Khan. We have to wait ans watch whether Asin can get her surprise gift from Salman Khan.I guess she will get it.. :)

Info about Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is very common and it is a medical correction made ion any part in a person’s body. This is generally done so that the person looks gorgeous and sexy. Generally women have problems in their appearance since appearance matters most and men look for beautiful women in their lives. Some women who are not beautiful by nature are pretty much unhappy about this and look for some kind of solution. Here is a solution for all such women. Phoenix Plastic Surgeons are one of the best and they help you with all the problems in breast implants.

The surgeons who operate you are very experience and are experts in performing these surgeries. The other general problem that women face is that excessive fat. This can be removed with the treatment of liposuction. These people are the certified in phoenix plastic surgery in America and they are also experts in body contouring. Visit this site to get a complete new look and impress your loved ones.

Beauty tips

In this post I will give you some beauty tips that is very useful to everyone.

Dry Skin Cream: To your favorite cold cream add half an ounce of lanolin and 1 teaspoon of almond oil. Lotion well, and use as night cream. If you want your hand and body lotion to be rich, add some almond oil to it and use all over the body.

Moisturizer: Add a little night cream to your moisturizer to make it heavy and rich.

Body Massage Oil: Mix equal quantities of Oliver oil Castor oil, almond oil and baby oil and use it as an all purpose massage oil.

Henna to Darken the Hair: Mix 2 cups of henna powder in one cup of hot coffee water,and add half a teaspoon of lemon juice to the paste. Apply all over the scalp covering your hair. Keep on for half an hour to one hour then wash off with shampoo.

Herbal Hair wash: Soak 2 tablespoons of Shikakai powder and 2 tablespoons of ritha powder over night in a cup of water. Strain next morning and use the water as a shampoo.

Beauty tips

San Diego Plastic Surgeons are the one who transform the most gawky and plain girl into a woman of rare charm and mystery. Not just for an evening but for every moment for all the days of her life. Besides covering every area that involves beauty care, they also advises on subjects like skin care, teenage beauty problems, the correct selection and use of cosmetics, diet and so on. The exciting beauty recipes make up tips and much more. The basic elements of beauty lie not on the surface but inside and a primarily happily frame of mind, in a healthy body is the only requirement for that glow and sparkle so much a part of beauty. This site provides you the fresh and energetic look that you are in need. The basic problem for most of the people is excessive fat and this is removed by a process called Liposuction. For further details see the site.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Beans Poduthuval Recipe

1/2 kg. beans
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
1/4 coconut grated
4 green chillies
2 red chillies

Wash and chop the beans into very fine pieces. Add turmeric powder and salt, then pressure cook for 5 minutes. Set aside. Heat the oil and add mustard seeds black gram, red chillies. When brown, add the cooked vegetable. Cook on a low fire till the vegetables become dry. Run the grated coconut and green chillies in the mixie for a minute and add to the vegetables. Serve hot.

Channapatna Doll Making

Doll making out of soft wood is a very old craft of Karnataka. Channapatna, Goka are centers of doll making. The Channapatna colorful soft-wood toys are very popular. Toys made at Gokak art exported to foreign countries.

The puppets used in puppet shows are made out of deer or calf skin or skins of other animals like donkey, sheep etc. Pictures are manufactured in Mysore, Shimonga and Sagar. Baskets and boxes are made out of a particular creeper in Uttra Kannada District. Brassware is made in Nagamangala. The potters art is all over but the earthen painted pots made in Ramnagar, Khanapur and Krishnarajpet are excellent.

Securing the secured

The general awareness on home security has increased to good reason amongst many people these days. One of the modern Home Security System is we have ADT Home Alarm System. The ADT is giving us the protection round the clock and throughout the year. The system we have digital key pad which is used to contact fire service, medical and police by pressing just one button. The one more handy equipment called key chain remote access. It can be functioned from any room to activate or deactivate the whole system. The high decibel alarm siren when pressed the sound is so high it cautions everyone nearby the area. In case any burglars are bent upon entering the house covered under this system even ignoring the warnings, this hi decibel alarm which is so loud, in turn the operators immediately inform the Police.

ADT is always keeping a vigil on security measures. The moment it receives an alarm the operators will immediately will make a phone call to assure the situation and to know if the owner is at home or away. Based on this the connected Police, medical and fire services according to the necessity is informed. As per the report, house breaking in US is reported once in 14 seconds. By having this ADT security system one is assured of safety and go about his duties nicely. After going through all these wonderful Security System who are providing varies equipments and I am pleased about the working of the Digital Key Pad and I promptly installed it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gurunanak Jayanti and Guru Parab

For Sikhs, there is no greater occasion of joy than the full moon day around October-November when Guru Nanak was born and Guru Parab, the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh. It is a day when they rededicate themselves to unity, brotherhood and equality among all human beings.

To symbolize these principles, the festival highlights a community kitchen called Guru ka Langhar. From this free kitchen food is served to devotees of all castes and creeds provided they sit together and eat the same food. The meal is simple and compact. After the singing of hymns and the veneration of the Guru Granth Sahib, Kara Prasad is served.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala Toruism

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach is a wonderful place in Kerala and of international repute is situated about 13 kms. south of Trivandrum. Here nature has built a pool in the sea. High rocks projecting into the sea make the adjoining areas very calm. Tourists even call it the best bathing bay in the World. The only point where caution is necessary is the Udayanvazhi, a sea-cave amidst a few rocks at a distant corner. India Tourism Development Corporation is developing Kovalam as an integrated sea-side resort.

Vizhinjam: About 2 kms. south of Kovalam, Vizhinjam is an ancient port. Some historians consider Puvar (near Vizhinjam) is the ancient port called Ophir, so often referred to by foreign travelers. The place was a scene of major battles between Chera and Chola kingdoms in the 10th and 11th centuries. The Portuguese and the Duch had commercial establishments here. Vizhinjam is being developed as a modern fishing harbor. The place is endowed with splendid natural beauty.

Gold for ever

All over the World, Gold is considered the most precious metal and people whether rich or poor have great affinity towards it. Money can be invested on gold for its added value both in present and future.

In those times, gold coins are used for trade by mere weight and the roughly cut lump portion of the gold are melted and brought to the required formation or may be drawn in to wire. Romans had the practice of providing gold coin as a way of salary to their soldiers. The Greek Empire introduced the practice of gold coins being stamped with head of King rather than Lions, Bulls and Rams. It is well evident these days that Romans produced Gold Coins leading to stock surpassing all times even modern trend enabled to do so at later stage only. Only British Museums keeping these Roman Gold Coins.

Lot of gold were converted as Dinar Gold Coins by the Islamic Empire Rulers along the cost of North Africa. The new Gold mines in Hungary producing more gold and quick rush of making gold coin throughout Europe as emerged. Thus the proof was clear how worth the gold coins are and then England came forward to bring a gold standard. These gold coins were distributed until the World War-I ensue.