Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health tips

Health tips
1. Start your day with Fresh fruit juice if you desire. Recommended quantity is eight to fourteen ounces.

2. Throughout the morning have pieces of fruit as you feel hungry.

3. Have a minimum of two servings of fruit in any three hour period.

4. Your maximum fruit intake should be governed by your needs. Have as much as you desire. Do not over eat or under eat fruit.

5. Eat melons before other fruit.
6. Eat bananas when you are particularly hungry and are craving heavier food.

7. Eat lunch with required quantity of vegetables.

8. At night eat little and before 8 p.m.

9. Morning 20 minutes brisk walk is a must.

If you follow these tips regularly, your weight will reduce and you will have healthy body and mind.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recipe - Tomato Rasam

Tomato Rasam
Tomatoes – 2
Tur dal – ¼ cup
turmeric powder ¼ tsp
rasam powder – 1 tbsp
Juice extracted from Lemon size ball of tamarind
jaggery ½ tbsp
curry leaves and coriander leaves

Wash and cut tomatoes. Cook along with tamarind juice, salt turmeric power, rasam powder, jaggery and curry leaves and bring it to boil. Add water in tur dal and pressure cook it separately till very soft. Smash well and mix dal with tomato mixture. Heat ghee and add musard seeds for seasoning and add coriander leaves and bring to boil. Serve hot.

Business solution on cars

Time has come to a stage that these days the purchasing power of common man seems to have risen. The reason behind may be the index on education has been growing and so the buying capacity. Like wise many have decided to purchase cars for the comfort and convenience. Generally people have started to feel the pinch and tiresome involved while approaching taxi, auto, buses and trains, etc. as mode of transport. There have been many instances found and craze over buying used cars or auto usate milano and when something looked important and real it is best advised to look forward to This is a car dealership shop maintained by Shri. Alexander is the son of Shri. Aldo Antonino and has been operating the showroom since 1978. Here the customers are taken care for their value of money and extending them with excellent services and guide them on the type of car to invest.

If any customer who does not have ready cash for purchasing the car, he can opt for funding without initial payment. The customer is also having the freedom to pay the first installment after one month or six months. The above site is providing all safety measures to the customer who wants to sell the used car or vendita auto usate can enjoy by getting the cash payment immediately. Thus the customer need not wait for so long after giving advertisement about his car that is meant for sale and also allot time to show his car to the various visitors and unnecessary fear over the cheque realization but wherein the above site taking care of all the necessary dealings by itself. For those wishing to buy used cars - compro auto usate are allowed to bring their own mechanics and visit the above company to make a thorough evaluation and examination of the car engine. They are also providing warranty ranging from 12 to 24 months which enabling the customer to attend to repair works of the car throughout Italy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rajini daughter marriage date / news

Ajith and Shalini with Soudarya Rajini
Superstar Rajini’s second daughter Soundarya’s marriage function will be held on 2nd September, 2010. They have booked Raja Muthiah Hall of Egmore, Chennai for this marriage. On February 17th, the engagement function held at the famous hotel Park Sheraton Chennai.

Ashwin is the son of famous builder Ram Kumar, Chennai. Currently Soundarya is busy in her dream animation project work “Sultan The Warrior”. As the marriage date is announced, sources close to her said that “Sultan The Warrior” will hit the screens before her marriage.

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Better business tactics

Hi friends, web hosting can be termed as a guide for person wanting a web site for personal purpose or for an organization doing business dealings. The is trying its level best in allocating a web site to its customers which must be user friendly. A web hosting service is more like an internet hosting service and so that any organization or individual should be able to create their own web site obtained through World Wide Web. An internet service hosting is a system that is controlling the internet servers by which industries are able to highlight their requirement to the internet.

There are many web hosting sites and some of them are doing wonderful services to their customers. Just is one among them who gives unlimited email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth. They got the score of 98% and voted as best web hosting site. Just host is using C panel control panel which is a most welcome aspects by the customers. People who are searching to create a web hosting can open an account with just host not only for its affordable rates, any time money back policy, and free domain for life but also for its most credible shared hosting.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Las Vegas hotels, US Tourism

Las Vegas has many hotels. They are Batista’s Hole in the Wall, Picasso, Mayflower Cuisine, The Broiler, Pamplemousse etc. Batista’s Hole in the Wall decorated with wine bottles, garlic and celebrity photos. Battista Locatelli a former opera singer, roams his domain here, a short walk from the Strip. This Italian restaurant offers lots of specials and all the free wine you can drink.

Mayflower Cuisine is special for Chinese dishes with eclectic accents such as pan seared ostrich with brandy sauce and an Asian Portobello mushroom burrito. Pamplemousse restaurant looks like a little French country inn. Classic French food is served sans menu; the waiter recites the daily specials.

Entertainment TV Channels

Direct TV has continuously secured people’s confidence for the eighth successive year and stood at the top rank in United States. The index score is 68 for the best customer care relation when compared to other cable or satellite TV groups who scored 64. DIRECT TV is viewed by about 17 million customers in America and they are telecasting about 95 HD national channels of extreme quality where it hard to find in any other cable network with the same special HD quality channels. Over 265 channels combined with excellent programming, High Definition quality, 100 percent digital picture and sound with higher up technology like DVR and HD – DVR and Sports packages that galore.

Direct Satellite TV is the authorized group to control Direct TV. The customer service by for the best approachable on the basis of guidance the salesmen are offering about the type of package system to the customer. Direct TV began in the year 1994 and started to show entertainment programme and slowly became a challenger to local cable TV network.

When I was searching for a satellite TV with various packages, I was astonished with the DIRECT TV Packages. Most of the entire premier package where you have 285 channels all of them with HD package, telecasting all local channels, 31 movie channels most of them Hollywood greats, many specialty regional and sports network and providing attractive discounts. There are also other packages like choice ultimate with 225 + channels, choice xtra with 210+ channels and so on covered under DIRECTV Packages available to the customers to select from.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Island and its shopping malls

Long Island shopping malls
Long Island is the largest island on America’s East Coast – 1682 sq mi and the most varied. From west to east, it encompasses two New York City boroughs (Brooklyn and Queens), congested commuter towns, the farmland of the North Fork, and the world famous summer resorts of the Hamptons and Montauk on the South Fork. It has arguably the nation’s finest stretch of white sand beach as well as the notoriously clogged Lon Island Expressway (LIE).

Long Island is known for its shopping malls. With Fendi, Prada, Burberry ad the like, Americana Manhasset is about as high end as a mall can get. Roosevelt Field has more than 220 stores, including anchors Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom. Coach, Nike, and Pottery Barn are some of the names at Tanger Outlet.

Luxury Home

Hi friends, buildings with landscaping environment give a pleasing look and charming atmosphere. Landscaping means Green outdoor space which include garden, install water fountains, a park and a path way with a green surrounding, etc. The home with landscaped backyard or in the front portion will give an extravagance look to your house (Luxury Home). Landscaping needs a thorough knowledge and if you are interested in landscaping for your home Boston Landscaping is one of the best Landscape Design Associates who provides all necessary help to you. Tony Bernstein, Principal of this Associate has a team of extremely innovative persons, who creates beautiful landscaping for their clients. Their three stepping stone process is very innovative. You can have a look into their site, to have glimpse about their designs. It is your choice, you can choose any design or modify or make new idea and they will finish the work within the stipulated time to your complete satisfaction. They will give tips to you how to maintain your landscaping. If you want to know about landscape designs, simply write a mail to them or contact them over phone. Mr.Tony Bernstein immediately arranges a consultation for free of cost and they provide you all information about landscaping in your property with all details like cost, time to finish the work etc.

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New Orleans Sports / Tours

Audubon Park
New Orleans is entirely flat and many distances can be easily covered on two wheels. Bicycle Michael’s rents road and mountain bikes can recommend routes including a popular 25 mi city tour. Louisiana Bike Tours conducts guided bike tours of the River Road and of Cajun Country. French Quarter Bicycles rents wheel chairs and baby joggers along with the standard road and mountain bikes; it has a full repair shop.

Canoes, row boats and pedal boats can be rented for lazing along City Park’s lagoons for boating.
Golf: There are four 18 hole courses at City Park, as well as a 100 tee double Decker driving range. Audubon Park has a tightly packed 18 hole course and you can play Tennis here.

Wonderful Landscaping

Wonderful Landscaping
The people who have interest in providing landscaping the foremost factor is to select the design and also have trust on the company who are on the verge of completing the process. The guide should provide increased values of our homes where persons have different taste about gardening with individual taste differ from one person to another. Generally creating a good garden involves lot of drilling skills. For getting expertise techniques about landscaping the Massachusetts will be an automatic choice to many.

Fredrick Law Olmsted a well - known American Journalist, Landscape designer and also called as father of America’s Landscape Architecture. This means modifying the public spaces and designing outdoor to get better environmental cleanliness and making the surroundings beautification. The work concerns complete ecological social conditions that are processes during landscaping to achieve the required results. Massachusetts Landscaping are doing excellent services in the field of Landscaping who are also providing consultation services with free of cost when approached. The landscaping tips provided in the site are very useful to the customers. The charges are also friendly manner and customers can feel very convenient with them. Customer can go through the different styles of landscaping models available with the above site which are so wonderful. You can contact for your orders through email or by phone.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shopping in New Orleans

The New Orleans Center
You will find all types of shopping in New Orleans, but the city is exceptional for antiques and local arts and crafts. Louisiana’s tax free shopping programme grants shoppers from other countries a sales tax rebate. Retailers who display the tax free sign issue vouchers for the 9% sales tax, which can be redeemed on departure. Present the vouchers with your passport and international plane ticket at the tax rebate office at New Orleans International Airport and receive up to $500 in cash back. If the amount redeemable exceeds $500, a check for the difference will be mailed to you.

Most of the French Quarter’s ritzy antique sores, musty bazaars, art galleries and boutiques are housed in quaint 19th century structures. The sleek indoor malls of the CBD include River walk with more than 200 specialty shops and restaurants. Canal Place has more than 40 Tony shops, a food court, and cinemas. The New Orleans Center is connected by a walk way to the Super dome and a hotel. River bend has specially shops and restaurants, many cradled in small Creole cottages.

Best Casino games

Hi dudes, in your free time you enjoy playing various out door games like Cricket, Tennis, etc. and indoor games like carom, chess etc. Some prefers to play video games and online games. Before playing online games you should know the rules and tips to win the game. The online casino site is a real boon to the players and they guide the players by providing the ranks of the site, reviews, bonus information and pay out rate etc. The real time gaming software platform is being followed in the Luck Red site. The player’s doubts and play today concerns of the games are sorted out then and there. For all above bonuses to attain one has to be selective and start playing the casinos online in the correct direction. Moreover the TST (Technical System Testing) is a certificate given to this Lucky Red as a prime and completely recognized testing service. This certificate is considered in the casino industries as one of the benchmarks for fairness and gaming integrity. The owners of RTG Company and Lucky Red Casino started a group named as Club World Casino. Most of all the winning ways are based on odds and chances and it is advised they also know the casino’s agenda and get a clear picture.

The customer should be able to contact the correct person over the phone whenever wanting some clarification. By having a phone support will be a better option to the players. Before playing a game, have look into the site will help you a lot in winning the game.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nendrapazham Morkootaan

Onam Kolam

Nendrapazham (Kerala bananas) 4
11/2 turmeric powder
11/2 tbsp jaggery
4 springs curry leaves
3 cups curd
Salt to taste.

Grind the following
1 coconut
16 green chillies
1 tsp cummin seeds

Wash, deseed and cut Nendrapazham into large pieces. Cook along with turmeric powder, salt, jaggery curry leaves and a little water till done. Grind coconut,green chillies and cumin seeds into a paste adding a little water. Add cooked Nendrapazham and churned curd. Heat oil and add mustard seeds and red chillies. When brown, pour over curd and Nendrapazham mixture. Bring to a boil and serve.

Beauty Tips for Hair

Women are the one who give more importance to hair and when it comes to beauty related things they never want to compromise. Generally hair gives an added beauty to a human being whether they are men or women. The fashion and the latest trend is to do hair straightening. There are so many shops in UK which sell beauty gadgets but we need to choose the right one or else it is going to be a tough time for us. Martin Penny was the founder of ghd company and the company was started in 2001. They have set a benchmark and now products come out in UK with the name ghd.

Women should never compromise in buying ghd Straighteners and they generally never compromise in anything that they get. The problem is there are many fake sites that try to sell products at cheap rates but the gadgets are not worth. This site compare ghd dot com is an independent site who provide unbiased price of all the gadgets and they update the price of the gadgets on a daily basis. All the retailers are officially approved and believe me there is no other site which provides such accurate information. So friends if you are in UK, then you have the best option to know about the price details.