Sunday, January 23, 2011

High Quality Trade Fair Products


In each and every year there is a practice of conducting trade fairs where various companies will be participating to exhibit their products in order to boost their sales. Mostly people are visiting such trade shows in a relaxed way and try to buy some useful products. Under these circumstances, many salesmen will be waiting and standing at their trade show booths explaining about the company’s products.

For such events, it is always advised to use anti-fatigue trade show flooring. The trader’s can select printed trade show flooring; graphX digitally printed flooring, interlocking soft floors and so on. The most suitable either to house or commercial purpose is the soft floors. These type of flooring have closed cell EVA rubber products which is very comfortable. This type of flooring is sound proof, water proof and shock absorbing. Many companies who participate in such trade shows would like to use trade show carpet. To their delight there are varieties of such carpets like custom printed, interlocking carpets, rolled type of carpets from Expo pro plus, pro line, carpet 10, etc.

Those who are desirous of using commercial logo mats can have the options of choosing from different designs. Some of them are Ad mats, Water hog impressions, and Super scrap logo and so on. These mats are having slip resistance to the walkers and provided with rubber packing. The logo canopy is being used to highlight the individual product features along with E2 – UP logo tents will boost the company’s products exposure and if used with custom graphics, digital printing to a greater level.

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