Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nanbenda Film Review

The above word Nanbenda is quite familiar with Tamil audience has been chosen title of this Udhyanidhi starrer. Along with the hero the female part handled by none other than the beautiful  Nayantara and of course Santhanam nicely fits in.
The story as usual hero jumps out of jail to take terms with a person responsible for this hardship of being behind the bars.The Hero Sathyan met Nayantare on the way to meeting his old friend Santhanam.As our Hero is a strong believer of astrology he started contemplating of what his astrologer spoke about his life partner. He is able to visualise that if he meets a girl three times on the same day then that girl must be his better half. So naturally Sathyan met his sweetheart and she also inclined to fall in love with hero. Sathyan in the mean time revealed his past and his ideas of about extraditing from this world.    
Then the audience wait to know what are the plots of our Hero and is there any tricks to be played by Heroine all remains a question mark.
The debutant film director Jagadish who is an assistant to Rajesh has a long way to go.The music is done by Haris and Nayan in her flamboyant style and the Hero too is has done better and usual comedy.

It is a pass time movie.  

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