Monday, December 28, 2015

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

My favorite Home

I went to my father’s friend house . It was their 25th anniversary and they had just finished their new beach  house .Their house was not too far away from my beach house. The ground floor was huge, it had a Harley Davidson bike which was carved out of wood ,a huge chess board and a black with sliver horse chariot . As we climbed the stairs we saw lot of people but my eyes were still on the house .There was a huge table and had a room on either  sides of it.

The house consisted of five rooms each bigger in size than the other. They had a room with a jacoosie and a steam bath which literally took my breath away. The best thing I liked about the house was a huge painting of a God. It was the best part of the house. It had a gold lining and elegant colours which could capture anyone at a blink of an eye. I really enjoyed my time there and hope I go there soon.