Sunday, May 31, 2009


Mohammed Azharuddin who played 99 Test matches for India and who won the 100th Test afresh of his career and of course first in politics. With a resounding debut victory in Moradabad on a congress ticket, where the party had failed to win the seat for more than two decades. If on cricket field he performed with bat, in politics too he should be aiming to achieve with Development work for the Nation which will stand him in good stead. He is also planning to stay 5 to 6 days a month in Moradabad and Delhi to ensure development work takes place. Actually he feels very satisfied on his victory, and it was party high commands decision to ask him to contest elections. He is of the opinion that he cannot enter Parliament wearing T. Shirt and Jeans, even as an aide pointed out that every time Azhar went to campaign there were youngsters calling his collar to be raised. He has his priorities worked out sports can wait. He finally concludes on the sorry state of affairs in U.P., with grinding poverty. Now time has come to focus on development. He finally agrees that the road ahead is tough, but he prepares to raise his voice for social concerns, local issues with full responsibility

Friday, May 29, 2009



In Tamil Nadu, North Arcot District, 6 kms away from Vellore at Sripuram Golden Temple( Goddess Mahalakshmi) is situated. The temple is maintained by Sri Narayani Peedam. The Golden Temple called “Sripuram” was constructed around Rs.600 crores. This is the only temple covered fully with gold. This Mahalakshmi Temple made of more than a ton of pure gold will glitter and gleam under the Sun. This golden temple located on 55,000 sq. ft. of land on a 100 acre salubrious stretch in Malaikodi. 400 gold and coppersmiths from the Tirupathi Devasthanam have worked for six years to craft the golden temple. This temple is a very beautiful temple. The Golden Temple’s Trustee Mr.P.Murali said that the temple has more gold than the Golden Temple of Amristar. Sri Narayani Peetam headed by a 31 year old godman who calls himself Narayani Amma. Messages from Gita, Bible, Quran have been laid out along the path to the temple. Care parking facility is available at the rate of Rs.20/- per vehicle.

The temple is opened on all 365 days.

Timing : 8 A.M. to 8 P.M

Kanchipuram - Temples

Kanchipuram is famous for temples and silk sarees. Kanchipuram is a holy town and is popular for many temples. The temples are built between 3rd to 17th centuries A.D. by the rulers of various dynasties, elevating the architecture more. In the temples the architectural pattern is typial south Indian and feature high roofs surmounting the sanctum and gopurams. The following are famous temples in Kanchipuram.
Kamakshi Amman Temple:
This is one of the most beautiful temples in South India. An exquisite golden Gopuram in the centre of this temple is very beautiful. –God-Kamakshi.
Kailasanathar Temple
This temple was built in 8th century by Rajasimha and his son Mahendra. It is one of the oldest temples. It is constructed using sandstone and the fresco-style paintings embellish the inner walls of the shrines. God- Siva.
Vaikundaperumal Temple
This temple was bult in 7th Century by the Pallava King Nandhivarman Pallavamalla. A number of inscriptions depicting the battles between the Pallavas and Chalukyas are here. God- Vishnu.
Kanchipuram is well connected by Bus and Train. Have a visit to these temples.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In 1986, the Madras museum theatre was opened. During the end of 19th century, the museum theatre was constructed by British in Indo-saracen style. The Madras museum theatre is housed within the museum complex. The other distinguished structures within the Madras museum are Old Public Library (Connemara Library), and the famous National Art Gallery. Thousands of plays has staged in this theatre. Chennai’s Museum Theatre seems to be wonderful after centuries of performances. The Museum theatre has services the strong-minded theatre scene in Madras by the way of hosting plenty of actors, from simple persons with superb talents, from performers with a point to prove to clowns just for joke. Madras museum theatre is a worth place to visit and it is located at Egmore, Chennai.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


The much expected film “ENDHIRAN” starred Superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai – Directed by Shankar is going on well. Director Shankar already filmed a song worth Rs.2 crores. Sources said that now he is investing Rs.30 crores on a single song if it takes its shape, this song may get into Guinness Book. SUN pictures are the producers for the film, the movie’s budget may be around 160 crores according to sources. Director Shankar’s dream project is “ENDHIRAN”. This movie is almost 50-60 percent complete according to the tasate and imagination of Director Shankar.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Chennai is attracting lot of tourists. People in Chennai are very friendly(except the autorikshaw men). Here you can have lot of varieties of foods. Marina Beach in Chennai is the second longest beach in the World. During summer, you can see the huge crowds in Marina Beach. Fort St. George- is a famous landmark of Chennai. Some temples in Chennai attracts tourist are: Kapaleeshwar Temple-Lord Shiva, Parthasarathy Temply-Lord Vishnu, Asthalakshmi Temple-Lord Lakshmi, Vadapalani Murugan Temple – Lord Murugan. Guindy National Park, Snake Park, Vandaloor Zoo are attracting animal lovers. During Pongal festival celebrated in January attracts lot of people to watch the programmes. During December – Isai Vizha is celebrated. So, if you have time during the period November to February try to come to Chennai and have a pleasant holiday trip.



To beat the summer, everybody would like to go to Ooty. Especially during flower show, it is pleasant to visit Ooty. This year 113th flower show begins on May 23rd at the Botanical garden, Ooty in Tamil Nadu. It attracts large number of flower lovers and tourists from all over the world. Roses, daisies, lilies and orchids of various varieties around one million flowers are on display in Ooty. The three day flower show begins today (23rd May) attracts more than 5,00,000 tourists. A 50 feet huge car, a model train decorated with flowers and a 60 feet long aeroplane decorated with 8000 roses are the major attractions of the Flower show. The varieties of flowers are in full bloom in the good weather attracting the tourists to escape from the hot summer. Everybody who visits the flower show definitely enjoy the pretty flower show.


Beautiful baby

Children are gifts. Everybody wants his child to turn out to be healthy in his habits and easy to live with. If you want your child to grow a healthy person you should take care of him. Every baby needs to be smiled at, talked to, played with, fondled-gently and lovingly – just as much as he needs vitamins and calories. This will make him a person who loves people and enjoys life. The baby who doesn’t get any loving will grow up cold and unresponsive. So if you are having baby in your house, allot some time in your daily life and spend your time with your baby and make him happy. You will find that it is a refreshing experience to you- keeps you smiling.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rajini and Aishwarya Rai in Endhiran

After the grant success of Rajini and Shankar’s “Sivaji”, the much expected film Endhiran’s shooting is going on. Everybody knows that Shankar is directing the multi crore project. Oscar winner A.R.Rahman is the music director for the film. Rajinikanth and ex-Miss World Aishwarya Rai are acting in the lead roles. Manish Malhotra is the costume designer for the lead pair in the film. For this film Aishwarya Rai’s salary is Six cores. Aishwarya Rai will come in nearly 57 makes overs in this film. Oja Rajini is responsible for her make-overs. In one song she has been filmed in a Mexican tibe’s makeover. Shankar is very strict. He is not allowing any news to leak. We will wait and see how the film is coming out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The audio release of Vikram-Shriya’s Kandasamy will be relesed on 17th May at Chennai Trade Centre. It will be a live telecast programme. In the audio release function there are many dance programmes. It is lovely to see Vikram and Shriya is going to dance for the song “Excuse me Mr.Kandasamy”. This is the talk of the town. In the Lady make-up Vikram looks very beautiful. We wish the team a great success.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Energy saving : If you want reduce your electric bill follow some simple suggestions.
1) Switch off the lights, fans when you leave the place.
2) Use fans in the A.C rooms it will reduce the electric consumption.
3) If you turn down the thermostat of the AC 1o it will save 10% electricity.
4) Refrigerators are opened for only a short period.
5) Hot food are cooled before place it in the Refrigerator
6) Ensure that the Refrigerator’s door seal are in good condition.
7) Washing machines are used when you get full load.
8) Switch off the T.V. when they are not in use.
9) Switch off the computers when they are not in use.
10) Remove the plug when the mobile is charged full.
These are all some tips to save energy.

Monday, May 11, 2009


It seems we people in Chennai love to being touch. This is simple that all other metros have shown a steep decline in mobile phone sale whereas in Chennai adds about 4.5 lakh new mobile users. We Tamilians love talking. The next point Chennai has been listed as the City with the most SMS usage. It is easier to get away with things when you type instead of talk. A survey has found that the number of subscribers in Chennai is as high as 111% which means sizable chunk of the population are using more than one mobile (owing 2 sim cards).

Saturday, May 9, 2009



Rose is my favorite flower. The meaning of holding a red rose held in hand is social democracy. Often a bouquet of red roses is used to show our love. England and the United States’ national flower is Rose. Looking a beautiful flower makes you feel happy.

Monday, May 4, 2009



2 cups of Rava
1 cup of Maida
1 cup of Rice flour

First add salt, Jeera, pepper powder in water and add 2 cups of Rava after ½ an hour add 1 cup of Maida and 1 cup of Rice Flour. Use minimum water and keep the batter in a Fridge for 4 hours.

Chope Onions, green chilies, curry leave. Heat the oil in a pan add mustard seeds to pop and add the onions, chilies and curry leaves. Fry for some minutes and add them to the batter. Now add required water. Heat the Non-stick tawa and spread the batter in round shape as thin as possible. Add a tablespoon of oil around dosa and flip to other side and add a tablespoon of oil. Serve hot with sambar or coconut chutney.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Dosai is my favorite tiffin.There are varieties of Dosas like masala dosa, chilli cheese dosa, tomato dosa, green dosa, onion dosa, vegetable dosa...Here we can see how we can prepare dosa.Four cups of Idli rice and one cup of Urad dal with tablespoon methi seeds.Soak them in water for 5 hours.Grind them separately and mix them with salt to taste.Keep it for overnight next day the batter is ready.Use a non stick tawa and place it on the gas stove and bring it to medium heat, spread the batter desire size and add tablespoon of oil around dosa and flip to other side and add oil.It will take 3 minutes for each dosa then you can serve it with Chutney or sambar.