Thursday, July 15, 2010

Organized tours and travels

The Destination Europe is the experts in arranging many types of travel places. Excursion, City tours, sight seeing, Castle tours and accommodation, garden and estate tour packages, and European Rail Tour packages and finally romantic gateway. The destination Europe provides customized European honeymoon. On honeymoon packages the above site is the best provider and really the couples will cherish forever. And a newly married couple looking for a nice Italy honeymoons will never go wrong for selecting Italy for that enjoyable atmosphere. There are three major cities to visit from the honeymoon point of view. They are Florence, Rome, and Venice. Venus the Goddess of love is the name source for Venice. The beauty of palaces and marble churches and taking a trip through the canal by Gondola boat and all above are so thrilling. The amazing point is at Calli, the place you can witness artisans making the best leather goods in Italy. Venetians are known for their hospitality, excellent food and wine. Rome city where you can book a visit to villa, Borghese included some of the elegant sculptures and the tour is considered as complete only after visiting Vatican City. Florence city is the Gateway to the Tuscan countryside and this place is Italy’s most wonderful place to visit.

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