Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love the essence of life

LOVE – You all know what is love? I am certain that the concept and meaning of love are different in your mind. Love is the most natural feeling for every living being which has been given by God. The love is not confined to human beings it is known as practiced by animals also. Well, before we discuss the issue “Love the essence of life”, you should know the three loves in your life. The first one is love for you. Second one is Love your fellowmen and third one is Love all in the World. You should love yourself the most by attributing all adjectives and superlative qualities attributed to you.

If there is any problem you are facing just talk to yourself and say boldly I will overcome this crisis. God is guiding me all through my life. If you love all in the World, you will not curse anybody. Slowly you become love and life will be full of love.

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