Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amitab rare photos / News

Amitab family photo
Amitabh rare stills
Amitab, Rekha, Jaya
Amitab daughter family photo
Amitab and Abishek baby photo
Amitab rare photos
I am a big fan of Big B. The above photos are Amitab's rare photos. You can enjoy watching these Amitab rare photos. Bollywood Superstar Amitab is liked by all Indians. Amitab's wife Jaya and his son Abhisek, daughter in law Aishwarya are well known film artists.

Amitab's "Crorepathi" programme is a grand success. Everyone in India watched the superb programme. The questions selected for this programme and the way Amitab conducted the programme is appreciated by all. Let us wish him all success in his life.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best place to purchase Trophies

In this blog post, I am going to give some details about Trophies. Trophies are usually given to prize winners for their achievement in a particular field or an event like sports, dance, drama, etc. Generally you may like to select a trophy which would be different model and to the appreciation of all the participants. During my search to select a trophy, I came across the site In this site they have different varieties of Trophies for the events like Snow Sports, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Tennis, Swimming and Martial Arts, etc. In each item, they have varieties of models to suit your taste like Acrylics, Plaques, Medals, Resin Trophies, etc.

The online shopping is very simple. You have to go to their site and select the trophies. Then after entering the desired number, you have to click the button “Buy”. Next you will include the logo or text which you want to engrave in the selected trophy. After completing the above procedure you have to click the button “Add to Cart”. Usually it will take three to four days to finish the product, and 1-5 days for shipping the product.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aiswarya and Abhisek Bachan at premiers of “Raavan” in London

Ishwarya and Abhisek in London
Ash and Abhi in London
Now Aiswarya and Abhisek Bachan are touring in London and they also attended the function of Mani Ratnam’s film “Raavan” premier show. Abisek’s parents, the Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachan (father) and the famous actress Jaya Bachan (Mother) are also present on the function. Iswarya’s acting in the film was appreciated by all. Her father-in-law, the Bollywood Superstar Amitab told that her role in the film “Raavan” was one of her best roles.

Tamil actor Vikram who played the role of Raavan in Tamil also acted in the Hindi version. Vikram did the role of Police Officer role (Dev) in the Hindi film. Raavan director Maniratnam, Vikram are the other important persons attended the function.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aiming for a goal

It is a question of factor as how many of schools have been provided with good play grounds. As a common policy schools generally should have play grounds for the students sporting activities connected with physical training session. Keeping nice grounds make students aspire for various games like cricket, hockey, basketball, soccer and so on. Regarding soccer game as you all aware the game is evolves around on playing the sport skillfully and with speed, good ball control and better coordination with other players with in the team. from where players can look forward in purchasing the most qualitative soccer goals and its accessories at discount rates. These soccer nets are worth investing, convenient and can be shifted to any required place during training session. The players can aim at for soccer re-bounders with which a player is able to kick many shots at the goal and get the rebounded ball for continuous practice. In this method the player need not approach the net to retrieve the ball to play further. The soccer goals that are bought from Franklin Sports are available at 12’ x 6’ height and these are portable. These are made up of strong steel tube and the cross bars can also take heavy load of the ball with which the striker is able to hit at.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My favorite profession

My favorite profession is teaching. I like to teach my students in a simple way. I love my job. If I won a lottery, I had bought a fancy car, take luxurious vacations, and buy clothes without looking at the price. I had never again compare prices in the supermarket or worry about making long distance phone calls. But I would not give up my primary school teaching job.

Nothing I could buy or do with millions of dollars would make me feel as good as that meeting my old students and see them in good position. And so I had still teach even if I won the lottery.

Computer World

The very thought of achieving something or getting something or searching about information these days if young or old naturally think of internet facilities. Thanks to the technology brilliance that enables us to achieving our goal. The better version of software system is available in the form of Laptop. The PC World where you can select some of the best Laptop models to your will and pleasure. We are at free to feel at comfort by sitting at home and accessing through internet logging. The ultra model laptops those are at large at the above site that challenges any other product so willingly. There are many Apple laptops that include, Apple Mac Book Pro MC374 B/A, Apple Mac Book Air 233 B/A and so on it goes. The Apple Mac Book Pro MC374 B/A is having the capacity of 2.4 GHZ Intel core 2 Duo processor with Apple’s MAC Operating System is accompanying Snow Leopard operating system. The apple mac book pro is having utmost facilities that all the system users would like to have. It has also got 4 GB memory that will fulfill all your requirements.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Aishwarya and Abhisek marriage anniversary news

Aishwarya and Abhisek marriage anniversary photo
Aishwarya and Abhisek marriage photo
Ash wedding photo
Recently Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Batchan celebrated their third wedding anniversary on April 20th. They are the famous couple and she is daughter in law of Big B Amitab. Let us also wish the couple a happy and prosperous married life.

Currently Aishwarya is acting in two Tamil films. The much expected film Raavan will hit the screens in June 18th. In Tamil Aishwarya is acting with Vikram and in Hindi she acted with her husband Abhishek. The another Tamil film is Super star Rajinikanth’s Endhiran. This is mega budget film and Director Shankar’s dream project. Sun Pictures are the producers of Endhiran film.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Argentina Travel Guide

Iguazu Falls Argentina
There are so many places in the world which we should see and Argentina is a country where you have Iguazu Falls which is undoubtedly the world’s most beautiful spot. The natural attraction has made that place as one of the hottest destinations where most tourist people love to go. Skiing , hiking and horse riding have become traditional games in Argentina and you can try these out and I am sure it will be real fun.

Argentina Travel

There are so many places in an around Argentina and you need to avail the travel packages to visit places like Mendoza Cuyo and Atlantic Patagonia. The travel agency afford you packages and you can select the suitable one since there are so many wonderful and exciting places for you which you need to explore.

Argentina Hotels

Argentina Hotels
The next most important thing would be lodging and the facilities provided to the tourist in Argentina are awesome. Some hotels even give special discounts and based on the user rating I am listing you some of the top hotels which includes Buenos Aires Hotels and Bariloche Hotels.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Brooklyn, New York Tourism

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Heights was New York’s first suburb, linked to the city first by ferry and later by the Brooklyn Bridge. In the 1940s and 1950s the Heights was an alternative to the bohemian haven of Greenwich Village – home to writers including Carson McCullers, W.H.Auden and Norman Mailer. In the late 1960s the neighborhood was designated New York’s first historic district.

The Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims was a center of abolitionist sentiment in theyears before the Civil War, thanks to the oratory of the eminent theologian Henry Ward Beecher. Willow Street, between Clark and Pierre Pont streets is one of Brooklyn Heights’ prettiest and most architecturally varied blocks. Pierre Pont Street ends at the Brooklyn Heights promenade, a quiet sliver of park lined with benches offering a dramatic vista of the Manhattan skyline. Just off the promenade’s south end, Montague Street, the commercial spine of the Heights, offers a flurry of shops, case and restaurants.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Choose the right bed

Hi friends in today’s post I am going to discuss on the importance of choosing the right bed. The importance of choosing the right bed not only gives you a good sleep but also keeps you fresh and energetic. Sleep masters understand the customer needs and hence they give a five year warranty for all the beds purchased at their shop. They agree to replace the beds on if there is any damage. They have a unique bed rating system and the price at which they provide beds is very low. They provide express delivery and all the beds are delivered within 21 days of purchase.

The bed finder option provided in their site helps us to select your bed with ease. You need to select the bed size from drop down as whether you need a Single , Double, Small or King size bed and then select the bed size and bed finish and then click “Find me a bed” button to get the list of beds that suit your needs and taste. The reputation is always there and with more than 140 stores all around UK they are one of the top most retailers in the market. So no more thinking when it comes to buying beds since Sleepmasters are your 1st choice for beds.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A boon for healthy heart - Rule of 100

Healthy Life
All we know “prevention is better than cure”. It is an old adage but nevertheless time true, especially when it comes to protecting your heart. The number 100 is important to be remembered for the following:

1. Keep your LDL cholesterol (which is considered “bad”) around 100 mg/dl. High density lipoprotein HDL is considered as good cholesterol which should be over 45 mg/dl for men and over 55 mg/dl for women.
2. Keep your triglycerides levels around 100mg/dl or atleast <150 mg.
3. Maintain a systolic blood pressure around 100 mms/Hg or atleast <130 mm/Hg.
4. Your fasting blood sugar should always be < 100 mg.
Remember that your consistent efforts to modify your life style are the only way to prevent a heart attach.

Facebook Search Profile

Hi friends in this post I am going to share with you some important points about social networking sites. The social networking sites are by and large a routine in everyone’s life these days and Facebook is the most famous among them. Every youngster has started using facebook to share his views and , it helps us to join and communicate with our lost friends and it is one of the most common social media platforms.

Using this online site you can share your views, photos and any information that you like. It also helps us to make new friends. Adding new friends and sharing different news, views are the common hobby among Facebook users.In Facebook, there are so many applications like FarnVille which we can use to play and keep ourselves busy. The service provided by this site Facebook Profile Search is very useful for beginners. The service provided by this site is of high quality and very advantageous which helps you to find new and interesting people. The search feature is very good and I guess you must try that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Importance of Water for a Healthy Life

Importance of Water
You all know that without oxygen, we cannot survive. It is our life. Similarly, water is also essential for or body. What is new about it, you may say. Yes, it is there. I am making a recommendation for drinking water empty stomach.. In some countries like Japan it is taken as a treatment for disease. Keep water in a copper jug at night and immediately after waking up every morning drink as much quantity as you can. You may start with one or two glasses and increase it to 5-6 or more. You may brush your teeth, clean the mouth after drinking water, but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. After breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours not even water.

This habit of drinking water on empty stomach can cure and prevent a large number of ailments such as headache, piles, diabetes, constipation asthma, etc. We do not take enough care of our body till the time we are sick to show to the doctor. Whether you are old or young every body needs to be healthy. Each and every organ of the body is important and we need to take care of our health in totality.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Colorful rugs to decorate your home

Modern rugs are making a buzz especially with their variety and colors and more and more people are interested in buying them. What is so interesting about rugs? Well they give a better look to your house especially they jazz up the floors and give a rich look to the house. Expensive rugs will surely hurt you since if there are kids or dogs at your place there are more likely chances that the rugs will get a much more dirtier than a normal house. So in such case there is no point in getting expensive rugs.

So the alternative would be to get cheap rugs which are available in the market at different sizes and colors which gives an elegant look to your home. The colors are of so wide variety that you can select a color palette which matches your house wall colors. The next most attractive thing is there are so many online shops available which sell rugs and so this saves your time and money too. I guess it is time to go for shopping and make your house more attractive.

My Dream Home - Holland village Homes

Dream House
Dream Home
I want that my dream home would be like this. I like flowers very much. A house surrounded by garden full of flowers and lawn are very beautiful. The above stills are very superb. They are situated at a village in Holland. You cannot find a single road in the village. All transportation is done only through rivers using boats. I like to visit this place. This is looks like heaven.