Saturday, April 30, 2011

Recipe Pesarattu Dosai

Recipe Pesarattu Dosai
Green gram / whole moong dal – 2 cups
Rice flour ¼ cup
Ginger small piece
Green Chillies – 5
Jeera – 1 tps
Onion – 2
Salt to taste

Soak whole moong dal / green gram in water for 4 hours. Then grind soaked moong dal / green gram with green chillies and ginger first then add rice flour and small pieces of onions and jeera by adding water till it comes to dosa consistency. If you want you can add some coriander leaves also in grinding the dosa batter. You can use the dosa batter (dosa mavu) immediately.

Take a nonstick pan, heat it. Spread little oil in the pan and pour a small cup of dosa batter in the middle of the nonstick pan and spread it evenly. Apply little oil on the edges and turn around. Serve hot with your favourite side dishes like Sambar, Chuttney. It is a very good diet for all including children, aged people and also to Diabetic patients.

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