Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Jewels

diamond wedding rings

Whenever we think of Jewels the next thought will be automatically will be on wedding. In other words both wedding and jewels are inseparable. Jewels play such an important role in making of such an auspicious occasion wedding. The golden ornaments do occupy with the marriage day and it has been the traditional custom and the bride dazzles and amazingly attractive wearing those jewels. When we talk about engagement occasion engagement rings are regularly used and does mean the person wearing such ring is getting married.

diamond wedding bands

During wedding bride and bride groom are exchange wedding bands and these wedding bands are available in many varieties like two tone gold wedding band, 14 K gold plain wedding band, white gold wedding band, etc. Some brides prefer diamond wedding bands for their wedding. They are little costlier than gold wedding bands. According to the weight of the diamond i.e. generally measured in carat, the cost of the diamond wedding band is decided. There are varieties of diamond wedding bands available to suit men and women. The common varieties are gold diamond wedding band, white gold diamond wedding band, two tone gold diamond wedding band, etc. Platinum diamond wedding bands are most suitable for wedding ceremony.

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