Friday, October 15, 2010

Safety riding

The road traffic has been over the years is on the rise to leaps and bounds. Negotiating such traffic the road users are finding it very tough task both for self and safety of others. It is always suggested to wear headgear protection while riding motorcycles. The foremost aim is to wear helmets in order to save human life in case of accidents. There are few types of helmets like open face helmets, half helmets, motor cross, and full face helmets and so on.

The full face helmets are usually liked by many riders as it covers the head completely. The rear side of it will give protection to skull and for the chin there is a protection cover. The above type of helmet will have an opening for air flow. The plastic front shield is fixed to this helmet which can be moved up and down for better air circulation. In common, these helmets are light weight. So we can have so many varieties of Motorcycle Helmets to choose from and it is up to the individual’s taste to select any one of the types. Mostly bike racers prefer half helmets for its design which will not have face shield. There are various motorcycle tires available from various brands like Dunlop, Firestone and Continental, Bridgestone etc. The Dunlop D607 dual sport street front tyre is so durable made of nylon and it is most suitable for confident riding.

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