Monday, May 31, 2010

Tips to control anger

Tips to control anger
Life is short and we must utilize it for higher purposes. We should not allow our mind to acquire the habit of being angry over trifling things. We need to introspect by looking within ourselves now and then. If you are creating dissension and tension during the first half of the day, believe me the rest of the day will be spent just worrying about the repercussion. It will not end there, the next day you will struggle to remedy the situation. Just think about the time and energy you have wasted.

Let us conserve our energy for attaining self-realization by practicing endurance, patience, forgiveness and generosity of mind as far as possible. You may ask a question as to how is it possible not to show anger when it is rational and reasonable or on provocation? The answer lies in your own self-realization that the evil doer and provocateur is a sick person. If a doctor is caring for a sick patient how he will deal with that person if the patient is throwing things around. Then it is natural that the doctor will try to save himself from injury. But the doctor will never start throwing things back in anger towards the patient. You must behave like the doctor as he will wait for an opportunity to help the patient. It is a piece of advice that we should have that type of attitude in dealing with all those who seek to harm us. You cannot win over anger by anger.

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