Friday, August 6, 2010

Breadcrumb Halwa Recipe

Breadcrumb Halwa Recipe

Breadcrumb 200 grams
Ghee 200 grams
Sugar 200 grams
Water 400 ml
Raisins, almonds and cashew nuts each 30 grams

In this post I will give you the recipe for Breadcrumb Halwa. Take a nonstick pan and add ghee then fry the breadcrumbs in medium flame. When the breadcrumbs are in golden brown color, add the nuts and raisins in low flame. Keep it aside. Prepare sugar syrup then add it in the fried breadcrumbs and continue stirring in medium flame to avoid lumps. All the sugar syrup is absorbed in the breadcrumb, the halwa begins separating from ghee in the nonstick pan. Now remove it from the flame and place it in a serving plate and serve hot.

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