Friday, August 6, 2010

The weather pattern of Brisbane

Brisbane is thickly populated city in Australia and it is situated in the south eastern side of Queensland. The city is mostly covered with hilly region and the central business districts are somewhat elevated by the mountain range of Herbert Taylor range. The weather condition of Brisbane is generally humid in summer and cool with nice breeze in winter and during the months from November to March there will be thunder storms may occur.

The Austar Network in January 1999 had launched a weather channel and starting the coverage in 2002 elaborately with FOXTEL Network jointly. Updated climatic condition throughout Australia is being telecast by the above weather channel for the benefit of the viewers. The entire range of weather reports are provided by a team of experts that include Richard, Lee Brooks, Jash Holt, etc. The city brisbane weather forecast will have temperate of 25 degree which is the average high and the average low will be at 15.5 degree. Anybody wants to get detail about the weather pattern of Brisbane for the next ten days it will be clearly highlighted through the weather channel.

The different climatic aspects regarding Sun rise, Sun set, rain forecast, storm details are exclusively available to those subscribers on the above weather channel. To enquire further about weather patterns the viewer can also contact the site over the phone or through the contact form provided in the site. The Austar Network through internet system is extending these services to the public along with Foxtel on weather news. The service has been considered as a global importance on the effects of environment study.

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