Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Onam festival

Onam Festival and Kolam

In India, Keralites celebrate Onam festival. It is one of the ancient festivals celebrated in the modern times. This is Kerala’s harvest festival. This year Onam festival will be celebrated on 23rd August, 2010. Chingam is the first month of Malayala calendar and Malayalees celebrate it as the annual visit of their King Mahabali. They celebrate it for ten days.

During Onam celebration, they decorate their houses with flowers, flower kolam is very beautiful. They prepare nine course meals with 13 dishes which are called as Onasadya and they serve it on banana leaves. During this time, boat races are the common sight. The famous Snake Boat Race will be held on the Pampa river. For Onam festival, people wear new clothes. Ladies wear gold bordered sari called Nariathu.

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